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Islet Group is a family company with 20+ years experience in ERP solutions and new technologies. We want to make the world better with the latest technology. Our values ​​are deeds. We look from a strong bedrock to the horizon and think innovatively and open-mindedly. We have always been a pioneering model for diverse thinking and working in the technology world. It is important for us to live responsibly and make sustainable solutions. We give our clients the coordinates for success and we exist so that they can focus on the essentials. Our operations are transparent and fair. 


Isletters are genuine and honest, unafraid of work. We are used to meeting challenges and surviving, even when the waves rise high. Isletters have a twinkle in their eye.


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Kisvállalat / 11-50 alkalmazott
Számítástechnika / Informatika / Internet
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