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"CTDI will achieve second-to-none quality status in serving the Communications Industry by making a commitment to continual improvement throughout the company."

Founded in 1975, CTDI is a full-service, global engineering, repair and logistics company providing best-cost solutions to the communications industry. CTDI's one-stop service commitment to customers has fueled the growth from a core business of network and CPE equipment repair to include:

  • STB / CPE Division: Screen & Clean, OEM certified Repair and high-volume Logistics of STBs, Gateways, Modems, EMTAs, Remote Controls utilizing innovative, Multi-unit testers with Robotic functionality.
  • Mobile & Consumer Electronics (MCE): Test, Repair and Refurbishment of Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops utilizing innovative, Multi-unit testers with Robotic functionality.
  • Network Services (NS): Fully integrated Test, Repair & Logistics of Telecom Network Infrastructure Equipment.
  • Network Deployment Solutions (NDS): Installation, Integration and configuration of Telecom Network Infrastructure Equipment
  • Products: Strategic planning, sourcing and manufacturing of CPE Accessory Equipment such as power supplies, cables, etc.
  • Supply: Test, Refurbishment and global Remarketing of customer owned Network and CPE assets.

CTDI's customers include the major wireline and wireless telecom carriers, cable service providers, and major OEMs from around the world. CTDI maintains its corporate headquarters in West Chester, PA, and supports an expanding customer base with more than 14,000 employees in over 90 facilities worldwide.

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