W&K GmbH

W&K GmbH


W&K has been assembling machinery and installing facilities across multiple industries for over 38 years. Our first class endeavors have laid the foundation for the production of your cars, homes and groceries, to name a few.

We continuously impress our customers with our innovative approach, dependability, flexibility and quality in our mechanical and electrical installations. 

Company profile type: 
Company size: 
1000+ employees
Electronics / Engineering, Construction / Projection, Service Industry
Wanted occupational fields: 
Electronics / Telecommunication, Mechanic, Mechanical engineer, Electrician, Electrical engineer, Automation engineer, Machine repairer, Automatization
Wanted field of studies: 
Electrical Engineering / Electronics, Mechanical engineering, Mechatronics / Automation



Boštjan Žerak 
Human Resources Coordinator
+386 40 537 501

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