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Logistics Leader

SCM & Purchasing Leader

Objective: The SCM & Purchasing Leader is responsible for ensuring the most efficient and cost-effective flow of goods, related information, planning, usage, and control activities. The goal is to satisfy customer needs to the fullest extent possible.


  • Degree in a relevant field
  • Fluent in English or German
  • Leadership experience in automotive area


  • Direct, organize, and control activities related to procurement, production planning, warehousing, and inventory management according to the approved goods movement plan.
  • Ensure stock availability in line with sales objectives and requirements.
  • Identify procurement sources, prepare delivery contracts, and maintain records.
  • Gather, process, and ensure internal and external information necessary for pricing.
  • Comply with inventory management forecasts, issue necessary measures, and ensure conditions.
  • Define the tasks of the quality assurance system for the logistics department, direct the establishment, check the execution, and ensure necessary process descriptions and documentation.
  • Coordinate and manage escalation processes.
  • Continuous standardization of the ERP logistics system.
  • Comply with inventory reduction and optimization guidelines.
  • Monitor and optimize procurement, logistics, and shipping costs.
  • Close cooperation with other departments (production, manufacturing, quality, finance).
  • Prepare, conduct, and ensure annual inventory.
  • Report to Management.

Logistics Leader

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