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HVAC planning engineer

Our partner is a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, committed to providing premier solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide.


On behalf on our partner we are looking for an HVAC planning engineer

Job responsibility:

  • Responsible for the planning, design and drawing of the HVAC system in the company's new plant or single unit.
  • Responsible for the audit, confirmation and lock-in of the HVAC requirements of the workshop with the company's internal users.
  • Leading the review of HVAC professional technical solutions during the planning and construction phases and the review of design changes and engineering changes.
  • Responsibilities for the preliminary planning of individual buildings and municipal heating and ventilation of the project.
  • Review the HVAC design plan, and ensure the scientificity, rationality and adaptability of the plan under the premise of taking into account the cost.
  • Review the HVAC professional construction drawings of the design institute to reduce the responsibility for design changes caused by drawing design errors.
  • Perform other tasks arranged by superiors.


  • Bachelor degree or above. Major in building environment and equipment engineering, HVAC engineering.
  • Proficiency in English and Hungrian.
  • Good at operating windows office software, proficient in CAD, familiar with one of SOLIDWORKS, PRO/E and other drawing software.
  • Engaged in HVAC work for 5 years or more, with HVAC engineering planning and design, on-site construction management experience; rich HVAC and other engineering technical knowledge.
  • National certified mechanical engineer qualification certificate, intermediate and above technical title.
  • Possess strong HVAC design ability and audit ability. Have strong analysis and comparison capabilities.
  • Have a high sense of responsibility, professionalism and teamwork awareness.

What we offer:

  • Working with THE number one battery innovator and manufacturer on the world. We offer you a huge platform for creating value. 
  • A corporate culture characterized by dynamic environment and short decision-making processes
  • Personal development opportunities, a lot of creative freedom and the opportunity to contribute your ideas.
  • Competitive salary.

If you interested in this job please apply for and send your CV.

HVAC planning engineer

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Frissítés dátuma: 02.06.2023

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