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Architectural planning engineer

Our partner is a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, committed to providing premier solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide.


On behalf on our partner we are looking for an Architectural planning engineer.


  • Collect the data in the early stage of the project, provide technical support and cooperation for the project implementation, and complete the general layout of the plant and the preliminary planning and design of the buildings of each single building during the construction of the new plant.
  • Cooperate with the design institute and other third-party professional design institutions to provide architectural design conditions, confirm and review the architectural design scheme, review the drawings provided by the design institute, and review the comprehensive indicators such as compliance, safety, reliability, economy, construction feasibility, maintainability, and scalability of the scheme design.
  • Assist in the investigation of construction project suppliers, construction companies and project cases, and review the project plans and quantities of suppliers and construction companies.
  • Participate in the discussion of the problems existing in the construction project, summarize and propose solutions or improvement plans.
  • Follow up the implementation of suppliers such as architectural drawing changes of each project, and lead the design change work.
  • Timely complete the preparation work before the contract awarding of each special scheme of the construction discipline.
  • Provide on-site work guidance and explanation for the project in charge, and participate in the acceptance of construction projects.
  • Report the progress of the work to the superior in time, put forward the existing problems, analyze the situation and give suggestions to solve the problems.
  • Follow up the construction and design changes of the construction site of the plant under construction, and adjust the design and planning of the building in time according to the needs.
  • Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.



  • Major: Bachelor degree or above. Architecture and other related majors.
  • Language requirements: Proficiency in English, excellent oral and written skills. Proficient in reading English technical materials.
  • Computer skills: skillfully operate windows office software and master Auto-CAD drawing.
  • Experience requirements: At least 5 years of experience in construction in large enterprises or groups, with experience in planning and design of construction projects and on-site construction management; Have rich technical knowledge of construction engineering.
  • Qualification certificate: national certified practicing qualification certificate or professional title certificate (including the technical title of junior and above obtained through national unified examination or review).
  • Skills: have good design and review ability of architectural professional schemes.

What we offer:

  • Working with THE number one battery innovator and manufacturer on the world. We offer you a huge platform for creating value. 
  • A corporate culture characterized by dynamic environment and short decision-making processes
  • Personal development opportunities, a lot of creative freedom and the opportunity to contribute your ideas.
  • Competitive salary.

If you interested in this job please apply for and send your CV.

Architectural planning engineer

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Frissítés dátuma: 02.06.2023

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