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Roll-out manager

  • To ensure the delivery’s highest quality during the End of Service life devices, and support new site installation
  • Roll-out manager is responsible to handle requests E2E
  • To deliver components in time and on the correct place. 
  • To help the project leaders by taking over management tasks/cases. 
  • To ensure all the above, we follow-up all the running cases of the project by consulting with the stakeholders. 
  • To contact local customer is also part of our scope. 
  • Informing them about the deliverables, negotiating with them regarding the proper delivery (e.g. suitable date and time, assign needed escort…)
  • On the end of the Roll Out phase Roll-out manager manage the migration calls, and reserve the resources of the call.

Elvárások / Requirements

  • Fluent English language
  • Able to host migration calls
  • Wide, special knowledge and years of experience in work methodologies, customer care, guidelinesAbility to autonomous appliance and figuring of this knowledge
  • International specifications knowledge
  • Broad knowledge of service in excellence and ITIL
  • ProcessesTool requirement: IPLS-ROT; SPIMS; PMA-ISEM; RPK; eTTS

Roll-out manager

Full time

Published on 22.10.2020