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Product Owner (Unify)

About your tasks

We are looking for the central contact person for the product portfolio and the overall roadmap of the division portfolio,

and develops the portfolio in close coordination (dotted line) with Strategy & Transformation.


  • Knowledge of concepts and principles of the agile method; ability to apply a suitable agile approach to the process, taking into account agile values (such as open mindset and attitude, courage, respect, feedback culture and simplicity).
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Knowledge of tools, methods, and techniques of requirement analysis (e.g. analysis of operational requirements); ability to elicit, analyze and record required business functionality and non-functionality requirements to ensure the success of a system or software development project.
  • Understanding Customer Needs
  • Knowledge of customer needs analysis principles, processes and skills; ability to recognize and be sensitive to the different perspectives and priorities of different customers.
  • Business Case Justification
  • Knowledge of the how's and why's of preparing and justifying business cases and value propositions; ability to justify business expenditures by identifying cost, benefits, ROI, opportunities, and risks.
  • Understanding of digitalization
  • Knowledge of methods and tools in the field of digitalization and automation as well as the understanding of the concrete impact on processes, products and services; ability to elaborate, evaluate and bring to decision in operation the implementation possibilities.
  • Industry Trends – IoT and Cloud
  • Knowledge of technological and business trends in the Internet of Things (IoT) & Cloud sector; ability to predict the technological and business impacts on Deutsche Telekom, and from this, to derive recommendations for corporate development.
  • Infrastructure Platforms for IoT and Cloud
  • Knowledge of the basic principles, components and modus operandi of Internet of Things (IoT) platforms (such as AWB, MS Azure); ability to develop, configure and operate these platforms in line with customer requirements.
  • Customer/Market Focus
  • Understanding of the importance of remaining aware of shifting market priorities and ability to respond to internal and external customer needs in a manner that consistently adds value.
  • Marketings Tasks and Activities
  • Knowledge of marketing channels, approaches, and promotion; ability to identify customer needs and arrange goods and services to fulfill those needs.
  • Product Design and Development
  • Knowledge of product features and ability to design, build, and develop a new product, technology, or service from concept through to production (product development lifecycle).
  • Product Management
  • Knowledge of methods, tools and techniques for planning, steering and control of products and / or services (e.g., software, Smarthome, Entertain) and corresponding experience at all stages of the product life cycle. Ability to do product analysis, product design and product optimization.
  • Project Management
  • Knowledge of effective project management strategies and tactics and ability to plan, organize, coordinate, monitor and control projects, ensuring efficient utilization of technical and administrative resources to achieve project objectives.
  • Telecommunications - Lifecycle of Product Development
  • Knowledge and ability to use tools and procedures to ensure the timely delivery of new or extended telecommunications products in line with specifications.
  • Requirements Management
  • Knowlegde of methods and techniques to manage requirements. Ability to document, analyze, trace, prioritize and agree on business requirements and ability to guide business regarding the feasibility of requirements considering technical capabilities to control requirements change and communicate them to relevant stakeholders.
  • Cloud Computing
  • Knowledge of cloud concepts and technologies and the ability to apply these to the design, development, implementation, and management of computing products.
  • Technical E2E Responsibility (Plan, Build, Run)
  • Knowledge of end-to-end (E2E) architecture and ability to ensure the functionality of end-to-end architecture with due regard for cost effectiveness, production capabilities and operability in the PLAN, BUILD and RUN phase.
  • Program Management
  • Knowledge of the policies and techniques to manage a set of related projects within a program; ability to plan, organize, monitor, and control the set of projects, ensuring efficient utilization of technical and administrative resources, to achieve program objectives.
  • Project Control and Reporting:
  • Knowledge of and ability to monitor the vital signs of an project while managing its progress and delivery schedule.

Elvárások / Requirements


  • Excellent German and English language skills
  • Have knowledge of the standard tools in the T-Systems TC organization
  • Have an understanding for financial topics
  • Being analytical
  • Knowing agile methods
  • Can work independently and responsibly
  • Resilience and ability to coordinate simultaneous tasks and solve complex problems
  • Systematic thinking, precise and reliable way of working
  • Excellent communication skills including assertiveness

Product Owner (Unify)

Full time

Published on 23.10.2020