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Back office C# developer

Our partner is a world leader in electronic options trading. With a 15-year track record of success, they serve the international financial community by providing orderly, liquid markets in financial derivatives. Their firm is at the heart of the modern trading process. They are active in 8 countries and on 28-30 international exchanges and provide quotes in a diverse global portfolio of equity options. They are at the forefront of mathematical finance and financial automation. The key to their success and continued growth is their world-leading software development and world-class systems engineering.

Job Description

Enjoy problem solving challenges? Become their applications toolsmith and develop technical solutions to support global trading operations. Build tools to automate the processing of securities data, interact with trading applications, and provide key insights directly to senior management. Be in charge of a legion of small tools to monitor, visualize, report, summarize, edit and manage data. Be ready to jump into new challenges. Become their free electron: the one who is ready to engage business opportunities or help out in a pinch. A versatile programmer who is sharp as a knife and cuts through problems.

Job Requirements

  • A completed MSc in science, technology, engineering or mathematics
  • Engineering mindset, high analytical skills
  • Excellent spoken and written English, ability to work in an international environment
  • SQL query language
  • Be comfortable to read and continue legacy code
  • Dedication to programming, pursue a carrier as programmer

Required Technologies

.Net framework, multithreaded C#, SQL, (Windows platform)

Optional Technologies

ASP, HTML5, CSS, C++, PHP, Linux, other database programming, reporting and visualization, transactional, reporting and accounting systems

Position is located in Budapest I. district, Hungary

Back office C# developer


Published on 27.02.2020